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How To Avoid Nail Gel Polish Chipping And Peeling Off?


How To Avoid Nail Gel Polish Chipping And Peeling Off?

After we finish a beautiful manicure, we sometimes get confused why the nail gel peels off very easily and last only a short time. Here are some tips for you when this happens.


Tips 1:

Make sure your nails are completely dry, clean and oil free. We suggest to use a nail prep dehydrator or primer before applying the base coat. A good prep dehydrator can reduce the oil of your nail surface and keep them dry and clean.



Tips 2:

It’s important to filing and trimming your nail surface, the rougher the more adhesion between natural nails and gel polishes.



Tips 3:

Avoid contact with skin and cuticle when it comes to applying all steps, or it will come off easily.



Tips 4:

The thinner the better when applying each layer. If it’s too thick, the underlying gel will probably not dry, which cause it wrinkles and peels off.  



Tips 5:

Apply gel to the edge of each nail and seal the nail edge with the brush horizontally. The edge of the nail is often in contact with external objects in daily life, that’s why the edge start chipping at the very beginning. It should be give more protection to the nail edge.


Tips 6:

If you follow all tips above but still find it not last for long time, it’s probably because the customer's natural nails are thin and soft. The adhesion of soft thin nails itself to the gel polish is weaker. In this case, we suggest to use nail strengthener after base coat for an extra layer of strength. Also, repolish with the rough side of the sponge strip at the trimming process.

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