📣📣Hey dear,

To thank customers and fans for their support of Venalisa brand, we are giving away 🎁$20-$3000 cash benefit!



1. 💝Show off your original video with Venalisa's products on social medias (Like instagram/Facebook/ Tiktok/Youtube/ Twitter or more...).

2. tagging #venalisa

3. Get 300+ views and 30+ likes. 

4. Contact Venalisa official customer service for the $20 cash rewards or products of equal value.

5. 📣📣For videos with more than 50,000 likes under Tiktok hashtag #venalisa, we'll pick the top 3 and give them an extra bonus. The first prize is $3,000. Second prize $1,000. Third prize $500.


Please note:

1. ⏰Video should be released after 2022-01-01. The redemption period ends on 2022-6-30 .

2. 💝Your videos may display on our website, social media account, or advertisement.

3. 💝Each video can only be redeemed once.


Please do not hesitate to reach out by email or Whatsapp: +86 18819474087