What's The Highlight Of Venalisa VIP5 Collection?

What's The Highlight Of Venalisa VIP5 Collection?


On April 10th, Venalisa had a breakthrough moment, the new launch of the fifth generation of gel polish gift kit- VIP5 collection. With the support of Venalisa customers and followers, this new launch was a complete success. Here we are going to introduce the highlights and upgraded points of this VIP5 gel polish kit based on our customer's feedback.


1. Featured Translucent Jelly Colors and Glitter Colors Added

Like the VIP4 collection, all the 60 colors gel polish are hema free. But different from the previous collection, the VIP5 kit features translucent jelly colors and glitter colors which are trendy these years. Other colors were also carefully selected according to our clients' preference and a big date capture.


2. Come With A Reinforce Gel

In this collection, the no-wipe top coat is replaced by reinforce gel. Venalisa reinforce gel is used after a base coat, which helps strengthen nails and prevent breakage.


3. The Color Palette is arranged based on the color system

Colors in this VIP5 series are nicely arranged and divided by color system. There are hot color series including red, purple, nude, brown, pink and rainbow. Eeah 6 colors are from the same color range.

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