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Have You Prepared Your Valentine's Day Nails And Your Gifts?


Have You Prepared Your Valentine's Day Nails And Your Gifts?

We have a very important day coming up. That's the Valentine's Day exclusively for couples and lovers. Believe that a beautiful manicure also brings a happier holiday to your sweeties. All beauties in love know that love requires some sense of ritual, which will make each other closer together, and Valentine's Day is a good time. On Valentine's Day, in addition to dressing up ourselves, of course we can't do without a beautiful manicure. A unique Valentine's Day manicure will also let your partner feel that you are deeply in love, making this warm moment even more romantic!


So what's the perfect manicure for Valentine's Day? The theme we want to share with you today is the suitable element for Valentine's Day.

 1. Nude & Skin Tone Nails

First of all, we are going to introduce the nude color or skin tone manicure. This color goes well with everything. The style is very elegant and not too overwhelming. Just go on a simple date with  your love.


2. Pink & Red Nails

When it comes to Valentine's Day, red and pink must be the classic choice. The manicure style made with these two colors is very suitable for this special day. Add some heart elements on the nail, will not only increase the playful sense of the fingertips, but also convey the full of love.



3. Pink Glitter & Gradient Nails

When attending a wedding or formal dating occasion, you may consider this pink glitter. This style is characterized by modesty and dignity. If you don't want to be too monotonous, it's a good try to overlay white to create a gradient effect.

4. Lace Style With Heart Elements

If you are tired of the monotonous pink tone, maybe you can try this fashion lace style. This is for charming girls and ladies. Try it out!


Prepare Your Valentine's Day Gifts

Last but not least, remember to prepare the special gifts for your sweet heart. Here are the gift kit Venalisa highly recommend. Check them out via this link https://venalisa.com/collections/gel-polish-set



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