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Do you know how to make nail polish correctly?

How to use the gel polish, perhaps you are impressed that nail polish manicure is not as simple as nail polish, but it is not very difficult to operate. Venalisa today provides you with the correct steps to make nail polish, so that you can learn how to make nail polish online.

How to make nail polish correctly? We takes the production of a purple manicure as an example to tell you how to make nail polish. Before the production of nail polish, we should first deal with the dead skin around the nail and manicure or paste the nail piece, and then clean the nail around, which is to avoid the nail polish easy to fall off later. Next, use nail polish brush head to dip in transparent primer and apply a thin layer on nail surface. Pay attention not to dip too much primer into the brush head to avoid dripping around the nail. When applying, stick it to the back edge of the nail, and then apply it to the front edge of the nail.

After coating the first layer of primer, you need to irradiate it for half a minute under the LED lamp, and then apply the first layer of purple nail polish in the same way. The purple nail polish glue can draw a color block according to a certain shape when smearing. Then light for 1 minute, then apply the second layer of purple nail polish, and then light again for about 1 minute. Next, you can also combine other nail enhancement techniques, such as making brush painting on nail polish, and then inlaying flash powder, water drill, etc. You can learn more about manicure in school.

After completing the above steps, the correct production of nail polish glue is not over. In the end, we need to apply a seal layer to increase the gloss and prolong the storage time of nail polish, and then irradiate it under the lamp for about 2 minutes. Note that the seal should completely cover the nail polish, do not ignore the corner near the nail groove, as well as the back edge of the nail. Learn beauty salon parents to pay more attention to these problems prone to Oh!

After these steps, you can also use alcohol to clean the nail surface. This is the correct way to make nail polish. Simple production, not many steps, but each step requires care and some basic skills. You may have other questions, through the following links may be able to help you find the information you want to learn manicure Oh!

1. How much to learn manicure: first of all, how much to learn manicure? The key depends on how you want to learn. If you want to learn manicure by yourself, you can do it by yourself. You can read the tutorial on the Internet. It doesn't cost much. You just need to spend hundreds of yuan on a set of manicure tools, but the effect may not reach the ideal state.

2. How long does it take to learn manicure: the nail industry attaches importance to the characteristics of freelance women, attracting thousands of aspiring young people, manicurists are increasingly becoming a popular occupation! Because of the fierce competition in the market, the original technology can not meet the needs of the market.

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