Some New Year's Nail Ideas With Venalisa That Bring You Feeling Of Fre

Some New Year's Nail Ideas With Venalisa That Bring You Feeling Of Freshness

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As we've bid farewell to 2023 and saying hello to 2024, we're planning on something special to rock the new year. In addition to trendy clothes and exquisite makeup, a perfect manicure is a must-have to make you shine. Have you got some new nail ideas? Get ready for your new year dates and parties? Here are some nail inspirations for help you start 2024 off in style.


1. Gradient Mani With Firework Pattern

Fireworks are a classic element to express people's good wishes for the new year. Have you ever thought about putting fireworks on your nail design? At the same time, we can match the black gradient effect to create a visual effect of night. To make a perfect gradient mani, a good nail brush would help. 


2. Milky White & Gold Decorations

Milky white color gel polish comes with a sense of luxury. When you attend new year banquets or other formal occasions, this color is not a bad choice. Going with gold decorations brings out the best in each other.


3. Black White Marble & Gold Decorations

Want to be stylish but not too eye-catching? This black and white marble design can really grant your wishes. Black and white color gel polish goes with everything. Then embellishing it with gold color, that decent luxury just lets you rock 2024.


4. Bling Bling Nails With Lines

How can the new year be without sparkling nails? Venalisa's reflective neon disco gel can ne very reflective under dark night which makes you shine day and night. You are the most outstanding lady when wearing this nail color at a party. On this basis, you only need to draw a simple design like some lines and it will look pretty.



5. Carved Golden Rose

This carved nail design doesn't have to be perfect. It is helpful to use Venalisa stereo carve gel to draw your stereoscopic masterpiece.


6. Mirror Golden Nail Design

Don’t miss out mirror colors when doing noble style new year manicure. Whether you are a nail starter or a manicurist, you must be surprised by Venalisa magic mirror powder pen. It is very easy to operate.

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