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VIP3- 60 Color Gel Polish Kit (New Arrival)
  • $138.80
<transcy>Kit VENALISA VIP2 60 nouvelles couleurs</transcy>
  • $192.00
  • $136.80
<transcy>VENALISA VIP Set 60 couleurs</transcy>
  • $190.00
  • $135.50
<transcy>Ensemble complet de 120 bouteilles de vernis à gel</transcy>
  • $530.00
  • $365.00

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7.5ml Gel Polish 2021 New
  • $3.50
<transcy>JD08 Vernis à Ongles Gel Abricot 15 ml</transcy>
  • $6.00
Venalisa 7.5ml Gel Polish New Series
<transcy>7.5ml Gel Polish Nouvelles Couleurs</transcy>
  • $3.40
Venalisa 12ml Gel Polish UV Gel Soak Off Enamel
<transcy>12 ml de vernis à gel</transcy>
  • $5.00


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